Laura Fletcher, M.D. – Services

Welcome! Working together involves personalized problem-solving and in-depth detective work with education and encouragement to help you move towards your health goal. Services are not covered by insurance.  Contact me by  CLICKING HERE.


Health Decision Session – Where is your health now and where do you want it to be? What is getting in the way? Our goal is to arrive at your decision about the next best step to take for your health.


ToxCheck Testing and Environmental Health Consultation – Find out what pollutants are getting into your body and how to decrease or eliminate exposures in order to improve your health and fertility. Click here to learn more.


Day With a Doctor – If you are ready to take a deep and personal dive into your health, let’s spend the day together. All detective skills, testing, problem-solving, and caring will be focused on you and your health challenge. We will uncover causes and find new ways forward.


Health Solution Session – If you want to get your health back and what you are doing right now is not working, this service is for you. Let’s find new possibilities and create a solution together.


Health Consult Service – Are you curious about where your health challenge came from and how it started? Let’s do some detective work.