If you have recently received a life-changing diagnosis or are facing a health challenge in the prime of your life, Unsick®  was created just for you. The program features three steps in which we work together towards getting your health back. These are the exact steps I used to get my own health back.

The first step is learning to think about health and disease in a new and powerful way.
The second step is uncovering the underlying causes of your health challenge.
The third step is creating a targeted health action plan focused on reversing the underlying causes we discover.

This approach is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix or instant cure. Health breaks down over time and requires time and effort to repair. The good news is that when disease has just begun, you have the unique opportunity to reverse it– to find out how the health challenge started and get your body’s amazing systems back on track.

Any new diagnosis can bring with it fear, confusion, disappointment, and isolation- even anger. I felt the same way when I got sick, even with years of medical experience and training. Reclaiming your health can be more powerful when you share the experience and know where you are going. Believe in the possibility and let’s begin to take action.