About Laura Fletcher, M.D.

I grew up in Texas, riding horses and country western dancing. After moving from Texas to California to attend Stanford University, I earned a degree in Human Biology with a focus on language and communication. Then it was straight to work at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

Soon I discovered that health research and report writing kept me too far removed from what I truly enjoyed – real people and unique individual health challenges. I took extra chemistry and physics at Emory University and applied to medical school at Baylor College of Medicine back in Texas.

My favorite place of all was the public hospital emergency room. It presented a world of stories from all walks of life and amazing challenges. I most love doing the detective work and solving health puzzles—although procedures are a close second. I thought to myself, “If I really wanted to learn emergency medicine, where would I go?”

The public hospital between Compton and Watts in Los Angeles is where I chose to train and earn my stripes during heart wrenching shifts in the trauma center and emergency room. Salsa dancing provided the means to literally unwind on nights off. Life went on like this for a decade, working in emergency rooms across California… until I got sick. Then work and everything I enjoyed doing came to a crashing halt.

Is that where you are?  It can be completely disorienting—I know. There IS a way to get your health back. It takes time, attention, thought, and focused action. There is no quick fix. I want to share all of my answers with you—the ones I learned by combining a base of medical knowledge about how the body works with the painful personal experience that forced me to fill in the gaps. I look forward to talking with you about your own health challenge: how to think about it, understand where it came from, and create a plan to get your health back.